Columbus, Ohio how we miss thee!

Well - we have been out of Ohio for almost 4 months now... WOW long time. My fiance and I have almost immediately realized that in comparison where we are in New York - there isn't enough good food for a great price anywhere! I have been craving a lot from the great city of Columbus -

For breakfast I have craving North Star Cafe food. Any of it but especially their fresh squeezed o.j. and their ham and cheese scones. They melt in your mouth.

For Lunch and Dinner -  Haiku Sushi. I used to work there and let me tell you if and when you are in the area go there! You will never taste anything like it! Their spicy tuna is the best that I have ever had, as well as their tempura udon.

For desert - if you have been to Columbus you will know that there is nothing to eat after dinner unless it is Jeni's Ice Cream - all made in Columbus with local ingredients and they have the greatest and coolest flavors I have ever heard of.

We re just far enough of out the New York City that it is not realistic to head down there for some great food at great prices. I have recently discovered this place and can not wait to check it out the next time that we are there.

Pop Bar is a great gelato pop parlor that makes everything fresh and has great flavors and states that  "...popbar consumption may result in addictive behavior."

If all else fails there is a great deli in NYC that I have heard of that sells Jeni's signature flavors. I will definetly need to go there!

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